About Us

A little about the Clarkes family

Clarkes is a family business, established in 1982. We run a village shop in rural Leicestershire which began as a butchers but now sells an increasing range of delicatessen items.

Our Ready Meals business began in 1988 on a small scale and has been so successful that we now sell in a number village stores and farm shops locally, nationally and even internationally.


I wasn’t remotely surprised to read in the Telegraph on Saturday that you’ve won a Telegraph Traditional Business regional award. Your ready meals are exceptional! ... I’ve eaten every morsel of your meals I’ve tried so far, I even resorted to mopping up what was left of the delicious gravy in the steak and kidney pie, with a chunk of bread!

Thank you, and please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in preparing these splendid meals.
— Sue from Lincolnshire
I successfully passed these off as my own (I am allegedly a good cook) and received great compliments.

I cooked for several people and by defrosting and moving several portions to my own dishes it worked really well alongside nicely prepared side dishes.
— Susan