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Clarkes has been crowned Midlands Champion in the Butcher category at the Rural Oscar awards!

Judge Jim Barrington commented: “This shop is everything a butcher should be – central to the community, knowledgeable about farming and animal welfare and also kind and pleasant to speak to. Ian Clarke and his team are famous for miles around, and for good reason. There is a care taken by the butchers who know how each cut should be cooked, what difference an AGA will make in the process and where each beast has come from. The team are always moving forward and finding new ways to enhance the business too – last year, smoking their bacon in-house meant a rise in sales from 40kgs a week to 90kgs, which is spectacular, especially considering the rise of multiples in the area. In addition Ian and his family are rooted in Queniborough life and act as a hub in the village, where information, gossip and news can be exchanged. Added to this, young Harry Clarke has recently become the fourth generation of the family to become a butcher, giving a bright future for this excellent business.” 

Ian and his team will now attend a special reception at "The House of Lords" in London on Wednesday 22nd March to receive there award and compete for the "UK Supreme Champion of Champions Award".


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